• August 18, Holy Trinity Church, Mclean, VA

  • August 25, The Local Church, Grand Rapids, MI

  • September 21, Winchester Anglican Women’s Morning, Winchester, VA

  • September 25-29, New Wineskins Mission Conference, Asheville, NC

  • October 6, Holy Trinity Church, Mclean, VA

  • October 18-20, St. Peter’s Anglican, Tallahassee, FL

  • November 15-17, The Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul, Charleston, SC

  • December 15, The Local Church, Grand Rapids, MI

About Erin:

The Reverend Erin Clifford is an international speaker, pastor and advocate for the poor. Erin lived in London for 7 years, where she served as an Anglican priest at Holy Trinity Brompton and St. Michael’s Chester Square. From her early years growing up in East Africa, Erin developed a passion to see humanity flourishing in other cultures, including the poorest of the poor. After receiving her Masters of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Erin was granted the Parish Pulpit Fellowship award and with it attended London School of Theology. Her topic of research was “Who are the poor in the Bible and how do we preach about that today?” Erin’s passion for expository preaching and her understanding of God’s heart for the poor and marginalized has led her to preach all over the world. As a continuation of the belief in the role of the local church as a vehicle of God’s trans-formative hope for the world, Erin is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Missiology in the theology of suffering.

Erin is the Director, Spiritual and Missional Formation at Fuller Theological Seminary. She serves on the board of New Wineskins Missionary Network  and the Center for Women, Faith and Leadership.

Erin can often be found eating cheddar cheese, drinking coffee, sitting in the sun, talking about Jesus or laughing loudly in or around Washington, DC where she currently resides.

Travel Photos

Tanzania Kids

Erin in France

Tanzania Friends

Erin Clifford’s Ordination – London, England

Madagascar Pastors

In the Israel Desert

Watching the Sunset

Beach Mauritius

Running in the Desert

Learning to Fly

Taj Mahal